BMW repair specialist

Since its foundation in 1916, BMW, a German company, has been the brand that groups Mini and Rolls-Royce cars under the same group. Its headquarters are still located in Bavaria, Germany.

BMW is best known for the manufacture of its luxury cars, but since its foundation, it also manufactures aircraft engines and motorcycles.
In 2018, BMW sold nearly 2,126,000 cars worldwide carrying the renowned brand’s logo.

Rely on Électr’auto for maintenance and repairs of your BMW.

BMW repair specialist

BMW Problem Specialist

Located on Hamel Boulevard, close to the Robert Bourassa Highway, we at Élecr’auto have over 10 years of experience repairing BMW vehicles. Our technicians have the experience and the know-how, for maintenance and repairs on your BMW. Even though your BMW is one of the most technologically advanced cars, we have the appropriate diagnostic tools, as well as all the state-of-the-art equipment, to achieve the full range of repairs. Our partnerships with our suppliers allow us to offer you top quality parts for all types of BMWs.

BMW and its high standard

BMW repair specialist

BMW, the pleasure of driving! BMW is a truly special brand that stands out, and top quality parts are required to execute the repair of your BMW. By consulting our team, you will find BMW-approved tires and wheels that are compatible with your car. Did you know that all BMW models have three digits, which indicate their model and engine type? For example, BMW 520, so you can read the 5th model with a 2.0 liter engine.

BMW mechanical garage

Having a BMW also means adopting a certain lifestyle, you need the right parts and avoid uncertified parts or imitations. At Électr’auto, our qualified technicians choose for you the parts that meet BMW’s requirements, and we pay special attention to their quality, even before we install them on your vehicle. We offer only BMW-approved wheels, BMW-approved tires, and certified parts from the BMW manufacturer! Nothing less.

On-board technology

With connected music, connected telephony and Connected Command, which allows your passengers to control all the vehicle’s controls for you, the most you’ll have to do while driving is… to talk to your car!

BMW is a very connected brand!

In addition to their high-quality performance, BMWs are exceptional vehicles that reduce small omissions. However, the electronics of BMW will ask you to go to a BMW specialist. We are BMW specialists in Quebec City. No need to leave the city for your repairs! Electr’auto has more than 10 years of experience with vehicles like yours, featuring BMW technologies.

Caring Car by BMW

The BMW Caring Car, what is it? It is one of the most ingenious mechanisms created by the car manufacturer. You tell your BMW « I’m tired! » The temperature control, seat tilt, and height adjustment of your driver’s seat allows you or the whole family, to relax once you are parked, like a robot taking care of you!

Winter can surprise you and bring unwanted particles into your air filter, which will alter this relaxing experience. Your BMW requires the use of technicians with BMW know-how and the mastery of various BMW technologies. If you talk to most other servicemen, they will tell you that such technologies are not within their field of expertise.

Electr’auto makes sure that the work done will be as a BMW dealer would have wanted. By visiting us, you make sure that the Caring Car experience remains perfect, and that the fusion between mechanic, electronic and human is truly optimal.

BMW all-in-one

BMW repair specialist

BMW’s message is clear: your driving experience should be as optimal and enjoyable as just sitting in your vehicle. We expect just as high standards from our staff in order to enhance the BMW experience, just as done by the BMW dealership. Electr’auto is THE garage offering to complete mechanical services in Quebec City!

Our quotation for all electronic and mechanical problems, which you will report to us, will be made in great detail so that your BMW does not become obsolete. Whether it’s for a simple BMW brake change, or for an engine adjustment (BMW certified) or an overhaul of your high-quality electronic devices, you will find at Electr’auto the service you are looking for.

BMW repair specialist

BMW repair specialist